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Our best onboard air system. Includes a 150 PSI, 100% duty compressor and a 2.5 gallon tank that can power your air horns as well as other accessories like air bags and small air tools. Also includes a quick-connect tire inflation kit with a 30' coil hose, tire chuck and storage case...More  
The model 6260 (left) compressor system is our most affordable sealed system. Small enough to fit in almost any vehicle, but delivers the performance you need to power your train & truck horns...More
The model 6270 air system (right) is the ideal product for powering any Kleinn Air Horn. This kit has many features that simplify installation and prolong the life of the product...More The model 6275 (above) has lot of power from a small space. The 6275 delivers the 150 PSI pressure you need to get maximum output from your horns with only a minimum of space...More
The model 6120 air compressor is a all-in-one 110 psi onboard air system. The compressor comes pre-mounted on the tank and with the pressure...More The model 6130 air compressor features a 150 PSI air compressor and a 1.5 gallon air tank. The pressure switch and ir fittings are pre-installed...More
Donít have the space for a compressor and tank? Big air systems aren't fitting in the budget? Just need something to replace that weak factory horn? The brand new Kleinn Direct Drive Conversion kit (P/N DD1) allows you to convert...More Kleinn now offers individual air system components. Need just a compressor or just a tank? We have them avaiable for replacement parts or put together a custom air system...More
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